AdreCor with Licorice Root 90 caps


Natural Support for Adrenal Health and Stress Management

AdreCor with Licorice Root from NeuroScience is designed to help you deal with stress by supporting your adrenal gland function.

Your adrenal glands, located atop your kidneys, help your body deal with stress by producing hormones, such as cortisol.

Stressors may be physical, such as illness or trauma, or psychological and emotional.

When you are coping with serious, ongoing stresses, your adrenals may become fatigued.

Symptoms of adrenal fatigue include

  • Severe and unrelenting fatigue
  • Lethargy
  • Problems sleeping
  • Mood problems, such as depression and nervousness

Supporting Energy and Focus

AdreCor with Licorice Root may help promote energy and focus and may suit people with low levels of cortisol.

It has been specially formulated to help boost cortisol levels and include mild support for adrenal neurotransmitters epinephrine, or adrenaline, and norepinephrine.

These neurotransmitters belong to a neurotransmitter group called catecholamines, which also includes dopamine. Each neurotransmitter has different effects on the body.

For example, your brain uses norepinephrine to manage functions related to alertness and attention. And people with low levels of this neurotransmitter are inclined to feel forgetful, uninterested, and possibly depressed.

Epinephrine, or adrenaline, on the other hand, is released during a stress response. It works on your sympathetic nervous system, which regulates heart and breathing rates, as well as blood pressure.

It also narrows your blood vessels, known as vasoconstriction, to help boost blood flow to critical organs and muscles. This also causes your pupils to dilate to improve vision.

All of these help your fight-or-flight response when confronted with danger.

This dietary supplement contains

  • Licorice root extract, to help boost cortisol levels
  • Rhodiola rosea extract, to stimulate norepinephrine and epinephrine release from the adrenals
  • L-tyrosine, to improve norepinephrine production
  • Folic acid and B-12, to support methylation reactions, or the addition of chemicals called 'methyl groups' to proteins, DNA, and other molecules to keep them healthy
  • L-methionine and active vitamins, to support the methylation process, monoamine neurotransmitter synthesis, and the conversion of norepinephrine to epinephrine
  • Green tea leaf extract, to support norepinephrine and epinephrine levels
  • Vitamins B and C, to support adrenal gland function, including cortisol production


To use as a dietary supplement, you can take two capsules daily with a meal or a glass of water, or as directed by your healthcare practitioner.



Supplement Facts
3 capsules contain:
Vitamin C (as ascorbic acid) 300mg (500%DV)
Niacin (as niacinamide) 6mg (30%DV)
Vitamin B6 12mg (600%DV)
---(as pyridoxal 5-phosphate and pyridoxine HCl)
Folate 120mcg (30%DV)
---(as 5-methyltetrahydrofolate and folacin)
Vitamin B12 (as methylcobalamin) 60mcg (1000%DV)
Pantothenic acid (from calcium pantothenate) 300mg (3000%DV)
Magnesium (from magnesium glycinate) 14mg (4%DV)
Zinc (from zinc gluconate) 3mg (20%DV)
Licorice root extract 600mg
---(standardized to 20% glycyhrrizic acid)
Proprietary Blend 553mg:
---L-histidine, L-methionine, L-tyrosine, Green Tea leaf extract (70% epigallocatechin gallate), and Rhodiola rosea root extract (standardized to >15% rosavins)
Other Ingredients: Vegetable Cellulose (vegetarian capsules).
Contains NO: gluten, corn, soy, salt, sucrose, yeast, artificial flavors, or artificial colors.

Recommended Use:
Adults: Take 1 to 2 capsules one to two times daily. Use under supervision of a licensed healthcare practitioner.

If you are pregnant or nursing, please consult your healthcare professional before using this product. Keep out of the reach of children.

Possible sideeffects:

If you start experiencing nervousness, heart palpitaions, insomnia or tension, decrease dose or stop using this product.

AdreCor with Licorice Root offers strong, immediate support for cortisol in a formulation less stimulating than original AdreCor.* The inclusion of licorice root, standardized to 20% glycyrrhizic acid, reduces the breakdown of cortisol, making this NeuroScience’s most potent cortisol-promoting product.* The formula includes lower amounts of L-tyrosine and methionine than original AdreCor for a less-stimulating product.


Take 1-2 capsules one to two times daily.


Supplement Facts
Serving Size 3 Capsules
Servings Per Container 30

  Amount Per Serving *%DV

Vitamin C (as ascorbic acid)

300 mg


Niacin (as niacinamide)

6 mg


Vitamin B6 (as pyridoxal 5'-phosphate & pyridoxine HCl)

12 mg


Folate (as 5-methyltetrahydrofolate glucosamine salt)

120 mcg


Vitamin B12 (as methylcobalamin)

60 mcg


Pantothenic acid (from calcium pantothenate)

300 mg


Magnesium (from magnesium glycinate)

14 mg


Zinc (from zinc gluconate)

3 mg


Glycyhrrizic acid (from Licorice root extract)

120 mg

Proprietary Blend

L-histidine HCl monohydrate, L-methionine, L-tyrosine, Green Tea leaf extract (70% epigallocatechin gallate), and Rhodiola rosea root extract (standardized to 15% rosavins)

553 mg

Other Ingredients: Vegetable capsule (vegetable cellulose and water), Microcrystalline cellulose and Magnesium stearate (vegetable source).

Does not contain gluten, corn, soy, sucrose, yeast, artificial flavors, or artificial colors.



† Daily Value not established.



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