Colostrum LD Powder 343 grams


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Colostrum LD (Liposomal Delivery System) from healthy, pasture-fed, antibiotic and BST-free grade A diary cows. Produced exclusively for Sovereign Laboratories

This product has been used by Mia in her practice with great success.

LD is a unique and proprietary delivery and protection system. LD Prevents oxidation during storage. Protects components from stomach acids and enzymes and then disperses them rapidly in GI tract for enhanced GI protection, healing and effectiveness. LD delivers components internally into the body and directly to and into target cells.

Benefits of Colostrum LD

Purpose: This is life's first food. It was designed by nature to bring perfect health. It was and is the most important GI health combination of powerful healing and immune components ever; or it would not have been your first meal.

Prevents and heals gut permeability (holes in our gut) caused by toxins, pathogens (bacteria), acidic drinks, pain medications and pharmaceuticals and environmental hazards. (The primary cause of chronic disease)

  • Helps prevent toxins from entering the body
  • Repairs, optimizes and activates immune function (especially in the GI tract)
  • Stimulates the repair and regeneration of all body tissue and enhances cellular communication and nutritional intake
  • Increases energy and stamina, lean muscle mass, activates fat metabolism, and returns our body to vibrant health

The most important food for health and healing or your first meal would have been something else!

Serving Size: 1 teaspoon (2,000 mg)
Servings per container: 170

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DIRECTIONS FOR USE: 1 - 2 teaspoons once or twice daily. Mix with water or milk and drink between meals for best results. Instantized for better dispersion in liquids and to prevent lumping.



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